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A Letter From Our Editor

For more than three decades, New Times has covered Miami and its surrounding communities in a manner that no other local news outlet can. Our reporting continues to have a major impact, exposing corruption, ineptitude, and wrongdoing and holding the perpetrators accountable. We've always cut through the bullshit, giving you stories that show you what we see and how we see it, unflinchingly and with a healthy dose of attitude.

And we've always offered it free of charge. Some sneered at the concept of free media, but the formula was straightforward: Sell enough advertising to support the production of the stories. And it worked.

That was before the internet came along. Now no one questions the value of free publications. But they do question how long those publications will be around -- and with good reason. Local journalism in the United States is under siege, as tech giants dominate the dissemination of information and siphon off online revenue.

Like you, we love Miami, and we're in this for the long haul. We reach more readers than ever before at and, and we're committed to continue bringing you in-depth investigations and breaking stories, along with arts, music, and food news. But keeping the (virtual) presses running and producing top-quality stories like ours is expensive.

If you join our "I Support" membership campaign, you can help us maintain this level of quality journalism amid an international pandemic and a uniquely challenging digital advertising environment.

Regardless of what you decide, thanks for reading this message -- and keep reading New Times!

Tom Finkel

Editor in Chief

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